Injection Moulded Weathershields – Tyrant 4×4 Accessories

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Injection Moulded Weather Shields //  Tyrant 4×4 Accessories Why Buy Weathershields? Buy a set of Weathershields to suit your vehicle at Tyrant 4×4 Accessories. By having weathershields on your vehicle will firstly give it a more stylish look while also reducing sun glare and wind deflection while driving on or offroad. Weathershields are perfect for all cars without air-conditioning or people who enjoy driving with the window down.   Benefits of Getting Tyrant 4×4 Accessories Weathershields
  • Gives your vehicle a more stylish look
  • Keep yourself dry in wet weather conditions
  • Protect yourself from bugs
  • Preventing wind from blowing into your face
  • Injection Moulded Material to Premium Fitment
More Features & Facts About Tyrant 4×4 Weathershields
  • Includes 3M Brand Double Sided Tape fitted against the Weathershields
  • Fit application in shape
  • No Cutting or Drilling Required
  • Made of Top Quality Injection Mould Material to provide best fitment
If you’re looking for a Weathershields to suit your vehicle, we suggest Tyrant 4×4. The weathershields that will give your vehicle a more stylish look with maximum fresh air enjoyment and added protection from road debris.